Most commonly
    asked questions

    How quickly will emerging and newly-regulated markets appear?

    As soon as a new market regulates, we will add it to Complitech. In many instances, we’ll even have much of the information available before the launch date.

    How quickly will an update to a jurisdiction make it onto the software?

    Our team monitors updates daily, so we can update requirements in near real-time. As soon as the requirements are available, we’ll map them and upload them.

    Which markets are featured on Complitech?

    We feature all major regulated iGaming jurisdictions globally. Complitech currently covers 25 markets, but that number is always increasing!

    Which formats are the reports available?

    All our reports can be accessed in four different formats:

    • Online in browser
      XLSX (excel)
    How much does Complitech cost?

    We offer a range of different pricing plans depending on the needs of your business. For advice on which of these is the best fit for you, please get in touch. You can also book a demo to see the Complitech platform in action. 

    How long is a Complitech subscription?

    Our subscriptions last for a 12-month term.