What we do

  • At Complitech, we make iGaming and Betting technical compliance easy and hassle-free for you.
  • We scour the web, access complex regulatory sites, and find the relevant laws, rules and standards that affect your iGaming and Betting products and services.
  • We translate, review, curate, categorize, analyse and publish a centralized repository of requirements for you to assist with managing technical compliance on a day to day basis, and as part of strategic projects.
  • We track, monitor and navigate the dynamic regulatory environment to keep you informed of changes and to help you proactively meet compliance obligations.
  • We support you with expertise from a world-class team of technical compliance professionals.

Our background

  • We are not just compliance professionals in the iGaming industry.
  • We are experts with decades of experience in creating and implementing regulatory compliance programs that work.
  • We know the challenges, the costs, and the opportunities of managing compliance in a fast-changing and competitive market.
  • That’s why we created Complitech, a revolutionary solution that helps businesses scale their technical compliance functions, optimize the performance of their existing teams, and seize new revenue streams in a dynamic regulatory landscape.

Our management team

Antonio Zanghi

CEO ComplianceOne Group

ComplianceOne Group

Paul Addicott-Evans

Managing Director - Products

ComplianceOne Group

Miriam McCoull

Director of Product Operations

ComplianceOne Group

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