Complitech by Maxima Compliance Europe Ltd. provides up-to-the-minute technical compliance requirements from more than 40 online gaming jurisdictions.

It is designed to help your gaming business enter new regulated markets faster and more cost efficiently.

Complitech gives users instant access to a complete database of technical compliance requirements, spanning product type, requirement type and jurisdictions.

Want to check whether the jackpot function on your latest slot is compliant in both Denmark and Colombia? Pro and Premium users can conduct automated gap analysis, comparing requirements between multiple jurisdictions.

Complitech is relied upon by some of gaming’s most successful companies.

Our background

Complitech is powered by the team behind Maxima Compliance Europe Ltd., the industry’s leading technical and regulatory compliance provider.

Maxima Compliance Europe Ltd. boasts unparalleled experience in the field of compliance, working with the industry’s leading operators and suppliers to deliver innovative solutions.

With a wealth of talent and a passion for simplifying processes, Maxima Compliance Europe Ltd. is trusted to support compliance departments of some of the sector’s most well-known and dynamic companies.

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